SiS International: Unlocking Value

SiS International Holdings (SiS) is a HK-listed investment company that operates through three segments: real estate investments, distribution of mobile & IT products and other investments. The majority of the company’s value today is derived from its attractive and sizeable portfolio of real estate assets, which management first started investing in after selling SiS’s IT services business to Jardine Matheson in 2010. The company’s small cap status, limited trading […]

Readings For The Week (25/9)

This week’s readings include the transcript of Joseph Tsai speaking at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference, thoughts on the Singapore real estate market from Ong Kang Lin of SiS Asset Management and a short interview with Michelle Leung of Xingtai Capital. Interview with Joseph Tsai: The vice-chairman of Alibaba discusses the Chinese economy, the country’s evolving e-commerce landscape and addresses the concerns of short-sellers. SiSAM […]

Richard Chandler: Few Bets, Big Bets

Richard Chandler is a New Zealand-born investor and businessman based in Singapore. From 1986 through 2006, he ran Sovereign Global Holdings, a private investment firm, in partnership with his brother. Over 20 years, the Chandlers turned their initial US$10 million investment into almost US$5 billion. They were pioneers in emerging markets investing and their fund was among the first portfolio investors in countries such as […]

Readings For The Week (18/9)

This week’s readings include the monthly newsletters from both James Morton and Rory Dickson, the case for trade reform in Sri Lanka as well as detailed interviews with James Hay and Jim Rogers. Perinvest Asia Dividend Equity Fund update: Monthly investor letter from James Morton of SLAM. Includes thoughts on Yuzhou Properties and Beijing Capital Land. CC Asian Evolution Fund […]

Readings For The Week (11/9)

This week’s readings include a recent interview with Olivier Jolivet (the CEO of Aman Resorts), reflections on the global shift in the balance of power from George Magnus as well as insights into true originality from Wharton professor Adam Grant. You need to instil some confidence: Olivier Jolivet’s reflections and lessons from a career managing across Asia. Whose world is it […]

Where Are They Now?

It has now been over 20 years since “Asia’s Investment Prophets” was first published. In the book, investment analyst and author Claire Barnes profiled seventeen stand-out investors focused on the Asia Pacific region. Given her own track record running the Apollo Asia Fund (which has returned some 22% per annum since inception in 1997), she would […]

Readings For The Week (4/9)

This week’s readings include a second quarter update from Andrew Limond (manager of the Panah Fund), an interview with Louis Gave of GaveKal Research and a Bloomberg piece on the trends shaping the consumer landscape in China. Letter to investors Q2 2016: Update from Andrew Limond, who runs the Panah Fund. The letter includes a section outlining their macroeconomic outlook for Vietnam.  Louis […]