2017 Sohn Conference Hong Kong

The 2017 Sohn Conference Hong Kong took place yesterday at the Asia Society’s Jockey Club Hall. FT Alphaville covered the event and you can find their full notes from all the speaker presentations hereFor more on how the 2016 picks played out, see here.

Below is a summary of this year’s speakers and their corresponding picks:

  • Seth Fisher (Oasis): long Sony.
    • Additional coverage here.
  • Carson Block (Muddy Waters): short Man Wah Holdings.
    • Additional coverage here.
  • James Tu (Nine Masts): long Sina convertible bonds.
  • Eashwar Krishnan (Tybourne): long Rolls-Royce Holdings.
    • Additional coverage here.
  • Dan David (FG Alpha): short Dali Foods.
    • By contrast, Arisaig is long Dali Foods. See more here.
  • Yuet Wei Wan (Wei Capital): long Great Wall Motor.
  • Shashin Shah (Think Investments): long Indiabulls Real Estate.
  • Brandon Lin (SPQ Asia): long Momo.
  • Rajesh Sachdeva (Flowering Tree): long Shankara Building Products.
  • Michael Lowy (SC Löwy): long Peabody Energy.
  • Arjun Menon (Highbridge): long Korean Electric Power Corporation.
  • Ethan Devine (Indus): long Yahoo Japan.