Readings For The Week (17/9)

This week’s readings / videos include a talk by Michael Vatikiotis on power and conflict in modern Southeast Asia, a roundtable discussion on the future of bitcoin, the latest shareholder update from Symphony International Holdings, summary notes from the 2017 Delivering Alpha conference and an interview with Liu Qiangdong, the founder of Power and […]

Readings For The Week (10/9)

This week’s readings include Michael Pettis on some potential flaws in how China both calculates and reports GDP numbers, Evan Osnos on the risk of nuclear war with North Korea, George Monbiot on why Aung San Suu Kyi should have her Nobel Prize revoked, David Dodwell on the choke points in the world’s food supply […]

Readings For The Week (3/9)

This week’s readings include the FT obituary for Sir David Tang, an interview with NUS professor Wong Poh Kam on how start-ups can write the next chapter of Singapore’s growth, an HBR article on how the global economy is coalescing around a few digital superpowers, a look at shamanism in Mongolia and Adam Grant on […]

Readings For The Week (27/8)

This week’s readings include the latest GMO white paper, an FT interview with the CEO of iflix, a Bloomberg profile of Cederberg Capital, Mohammed El-Erian on the lost lesson of the financial crisis and Eugene K. Chow on the dark side of China’s tech boom. The good thing about climate change: Lucas White and Jeremy Grantham […]

Readings For The Week (20/8)

Expanded reading list this week. Enjoy! Tillerson in Asia: With its short-term focus on what currently occupies the American mind (North Korea), the U.S. is actually playing into China’s hands in Asia. Andrew Ng’s text trick: A leading AI researcher and educator says that millions of people should master deep learning. Interview with Warren Buffett: […]

RIT Capital Partners: Half-Yearly Report

RIT Capital Partners have published their half-yearly report for 2017. You can download and read it here. The report provides a general update on their current thoughts and views, insights about existing holdings and changes to the portfolio over the period. The chairman’s statement, written by Lord Rothschild, is also worth a read (pages 2-3 […]

Readings For The Week (13/8)

This week’s readings include an interview with Garena’s group president Nick Nash, Bloomberg on Ray Dalio’s succession plans, reflections from Kishore Mahbubani on ASEAN’s 50th anniversary, the second quarter investor letter from Petra Capital Management and Richard Harris on why low-turnover investing is a strategy that reaps rewards over the long term. Reimagining e-commerce for Southeast […]

Ray Dalio: Risks Are Rising

Ray Dalio, the founder and chairman of Bridgewater Associates, has published a short blog post on LinkedIn. You can find the full note here. He writes that “prospective risks are now rising and do not appear appropriately priced in,” in part because people are assuming the circumstances they have recently encountered will persist. In his view, […]