The Robert Kuok Memoirs (SCMP)

The SCMP has published six extracts from the first-ever memoir of Malaysian entrepreneur Robert Kuok. They are worth a read – Simon Murray, the former chairman of Glencore, once called Kuok the best China watcher in the business. For those interested, you can purchase a copy of the book via MPH Online (link here). For […]

Readings For The Week (26/11)

This week’s readings / links include Kerr Neilson on the rise of Asia, a conversation with Chamath Palihapitiya, lessons from successful corporate turnarounds, Michael Dobbs-Higginson on his life of adventure and Lee Jong-Hwa on income inequality in Asia. The rise of Asia: Kerr Neilson’s latest journal entry. Interview with Chamath Palihapitiya: The founder and CEO […]

Readings For The Week (19/11)

This week’s readings / links include an update on Oasis Management’s investment in Pasona, a look at the political situation in Cambodia, a conversation with David Swensen, how Bill Browder became an enemy of the Russian state and an interview with Dr. William Rees. Hong Kong-based activist fund ups pressure on Japan’s Pasona: Oasis Management […]

Evermore Comments On Retail Holdings

The team at Evermore Global Value Fund have recently posted their commentary for Q3 2017. You can read the letter here. Evermore Global Advisors, LLC was established in 2009 by David Marcus and Eric LeGoff. The founders previously worked for / with Michael F. Price at Mutual Series. The letter includes commentary on Retail Holdings, which I […]

Readings For The Week (12/11)

This week’s readings / links include a presentation by David Webb on the most fundament issue in HK corporate governance, Rick Bookstaber on our low risk (low volatility) world, Benjamin Koh’s Q3 investor letter, Jack Miles on how we can reduce our carbon footprint and Dan Rasmussen on the gospel according to Michael Porter. If […]

Readings For The Week (5/11)

This week’s readings / links include how the panda became China’s diplomatic weapon of choice, thoughts on the recent arrest of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, takeaways from China’s 19th party congress, Bloomberg on the road with the Indonesian President, an interview with Salman Rushdie and a look at the illicit global ape trade. How the […]

Readings For The Week (29/10)

This week’s readings include Byron Wien on China’s critical role in technology and geopolitics, Aswath Damodaran’s latest thoughts on bitcoin, First State Stewart Asia’s update on Indian equities, Kevin Kelly on what Mongolian nomads teach us about the digital future and notes from the recent Capitalize For Kids Conference 2017. China’s critical role in technology […]

Lessons From The Crash of ’87

To mark the recently passed 30th anniversary of the stock market crash of 1987 (“Black Monday”), Bloomberg Markets asked players throughout the marketplace to reflect on the day and its lasting impact. Some of the people who shared their memories were the winners “who seized the moment as an opportunity not only to make money, […]

Readings For The Week (22/10)

This week’s readings include why climate change puts the poorest most at risk (FT), a look at the passports-for-cash business (Economist), thoughts on the West’s errant conception of China (Global Times), how strongmen co-opted democracy (Kishore Mahbubani) and the ties that bind Aung San Suu Kyi’s hands (Asia Times). Why climate change puts the poorest […]

Graham & Doddsville: Fall 2017 Issue

The latest edition of the Graham & Doddsville newsletter is out. The publication is put together by the students of Columbia Business School (CBS). You can download and read a copy here. The Fall 2017 issue includes interviews with Howard Marks (Oaktree Capital), Paul Sonkin & Paul Johnson (the co-authors of a book called “Pitch […]