Off-Piste Investing: A New Direction

A year ago, I started Off-Piste Investing to solve my own problem. At the time, I couldn’t easily find the Asia-themed investing content that I wanted to read online, so I simply tried to create, or in most cases curate, it myself. I figured others might have had the same issue, but since it was a personal project, I did not have a specific audience in mind. For me, the joy was always in the writing.

As I reflect on over a year’s worth of posts, it is fair to say that the website has far surpassed my initial expectations for what it might become. Off-Piste Investing has served as a unique platform for me to connect with other like-minded investors in the region. I have met with many readers in person to discuss and exchange investment ideas. Often, however, our conversations have gone much broader than just investing, and I am grateful for the friendships that have evolved over time from the blog.

Now, for the next chapter and the realisation that all good things must, if not end, evolve. I recently took up a full-time analyst role at a value-oriented investment fund based in Asia. Given my responsibilities at work, there will be a few changes to the website going forward. Most importantly, from a reader’s perspective, I will no longer be able to write-up individual stock ideas or share my often muddling views on the market (some folks will no doubt be thankful for these changes).

I will continue to distribute the weekly reading series and share insights / portfolio changes from other professional investors (please do note that all my information is sourced from publicly available material). On occasion, I might also write about non-investing topics that are of interest to me.

I always enjoy connecting with readers, so please feel free to get in touch with me anytime via email at Any feedback or suggestions are also welcome. Thank you for your continued readership and support!