Readings For The Week (14/8)

This week’s readings include a shareholder update from Symphony Asia, a recent blog post by Professor Michael Pettis, an entertaining interview with James Hay from the Pangolin Fund and a few other interesting articles.

  • 1H16 shareholder update: Market commentary and portfolio review by Symphony Asia, one of the region’s most experienced private equity investment firms.
  • Rebalancing, wealth transfers…: Michael Pettis writes about the tough policy choices facing the Chinese government today.
  • SnM show: Recent audio interview on BFM radio with James Hay, who runs the Pangolin Fund. He shares his views on Singapore as well as the broader region.
  • Bill Winters, Standard Chartered: FT interview with Bill Winters on the challenge of turning around a bank that has fallen on hard times.
  • Jefferies, free of the restraints…: Greater freedom for the investment bank following its merger with Leucadia National.