Readings For The Week (15/1)

This week’s readings include Shirley Lin’s recent presentation at the Asia Society, a review by Tony Abbott of Michael Auslin’s new book and the December diary from Arisaig Partners.

  • Taiwan’s China dilemma: Professor Syaru Shirley Lin looks at how the evolution of Taiwanese identity explains its economic policy oscillations toward mainland China.
  • Clash of the titans: Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott reviews “The End of the Asian Century” by Michael Auslin.
  • Arisaig PartnersFund updates for December 2016. Includes commentary on a number of holdings and the firm’s outlook for Asian markets in 2017.
  • China’s currency policies need an overhaulGeorge Magnus outlines the things that investors watching Chinese financial markets should look out for this year.
  • Quantimentally PE: Verdad Capital’s presentation on why LBOs work (or why they don’t) and what we can learn from the numbers.