Readings For The Week (26/2)

This week’s readings include the 4Q 2016 updates from Lighthouse Advisors and the Amala Emerging Asia Fund, Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire shareholders and a look at the increasing global impact of Chinese consumers by Jeffrey Towson at Peking University.

  • Lighthouse AdvisorsBenjamin Koh’s 4Q 2016 update to investors. Includes detailed market commentary and how investors should think about government subsidies.
  • Warren Buffett’s annual letter: Make sure to read the section where he discusses his long bet with Protege Partners and explains why investors should stick with index funds.
  • The small, tight circle that runs Hong KongPhilip Bowring says that Hong Kong is stagnating because it has been in the grip of the same clique of rich and powerful figures for too long.
  • My 5 predictions for Chinese consumers in 2017Jeffrey Towson, who used to work for Prince Al-Waleed, looks at the increasing global impact of Chinese consumers.
  • Amala Emerging Asia FundAyaz Motiwala discusses the challenge of making US dollar returns given Asian currency headwinds and highlights some current portfolio holdings.