Readings For The Week (26/3)

A China-weighted reading list this week. Highlights include a look at the online-to-offline shift in Chinese retail, an interview with Ctrip’s CEO Jane Jie Sun and a profile of Chinese boulangerie chain Wedomé. Also, Peter Tasker on why Japanese small cap stocks deserve more attention and the FT’s lunch with Jean-Claude Juncker.

  • Grocery warsAlibaba and are moving into groceries and household items and, as a result, coming up against supermarkets and corner stores.
  • CEO interview: Ctrip’s strategic threat to Expedia, Priceline and everyone else.
  • Baked in China: The fascinating story of how Huang Li, a former railroad worker from Inner Mongolia, started a popular chain of French-Chinese bakeries.
  • The brightening message from small cap JapanPeter Tasker outlines three reasons why the performance of Japanese small cap stocks deserve more attention.
  • Lunch with the FT: EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker on the Brexit bill and the eroticism of power.