Readings For The Week (23/4)

This week’s readings include the macro outlook from Platinum’s Andrew Clifford, annual shareholder letters from Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Wong Fong Fui (Boustead), latest thoughts on the Chinese economy from Michael Pettis and a wide-ranging interview with Arundhati Bhattacharya of the SBI.

  • Macro overview: Platinum’s Andrew Clifford says the global economic and political landscape continues to provide a multitude of challenges for investors.
  • Annual letter to shareholdersJeff Bezos on why it’s always Day 1 at Amazon.
  • Michael Pettis: China is probably still a few years away from reaching its debt limits, but the more debt grows, the lower the country’s growth rate average will be over the long term.
  • Opportunities and challenges for India: A wide-ranging discussion and Q&A session with Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson of the State Bank of India.
  • Chairman’s message: Shareholder letter from Boustead’s Wong Fong Fui. You can read the company’s 2016 annual report here.