Readings For The Week (25/9)

This week’s readings include the transcript of Joseph Tsai speaking at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference, thoughts on the Singapore real estate market from Ong Kang Lin of SiS Asset Management and a short interview with Michelle Leung of Xingtai Capital.

  • Interview with Joseph Tsai: The vice-chairman of Alibaba discusses the Chinese economy, the country’s evolving e-commerce landscape and addresses the concerns of short-sellers.
  • SiSAM August Newsletter: Ong Kang Lin, CEO of SiS Asset Management, writes about recent trends in the Singapore property market. 
  • Interview with Michelle LeungThe CEO of Xingtai Capital shares her firm’s outlook for both the Chinese economy and stock market.
  • TFE’s August newsletter: Doug Barnett, manager of the Thai Focused Equity Fund, provides a short update on the political and economic situation in Thailand.
  • An era in Hong Kong is ending: The WSJ looks at whether the integration of Hong Kong with China might be taking place ahead of schedule.