A few comments / notes about the stock tracker presented below:

  • The intention is purely to track the hypothetical performance of the stock picks presented on this website. Please note, however, that the picks are not fully representative of my overall investment portfolio (in terms of entry price, weighting or my overall exposure to the equity markets).
  • Some of the stock ideas are my own, but a number have been “borrowed” from other investors. To cite some examples, Ming Fai came from David Webb and TK Group from Coupland Cardiff. Although I always do my own analysis before making an investment, I am happy to (and indeed do) give credit to others where it is due.
  • The benchmark index I have used is the MSCI Asia Pacific ex-Japan. The price history is available for download from their website. Please note that the index data does not include dividends or one-time payouts and, as such, it is not a fair comparison of relative performance.
  • The averages are calculated based on the assumption that each of the stocks are equally dollar weighted, which is unlikely to be the case in a real life portfolio. Ultimately, magnitude of correctness is more important than frequency of correctness.
  • The tracker will be updated periodically, most likely at the end of each month. I may, however, exit stock positions without any notice during a month. If that does happen, I will disclose it in the next published tracker.
Source: Google Finance, MSCI