Readings For The Week (31/12)

Final weekly reading list of 2017. Happy new year! Recalling Singapore’s forgotten unions: The long-ruling PAP first rose to power on the back of the working class – a once strong, now politically co-opted constituency. George Soros and the demonization of philanthropy: Conspiracy theories about him obscure the real concerns about how large-scale giving works today. The […]

BlueMountain: How Well Do You Compare?

Michael Mauboussin, the director of research at BlueMountain Capital Management (BlueMountain), has recently published some of his foundational work on how to compare effectively. It’s a pretty interesting read. Here is a brief excerpt from the introduction by Andrew Feldstein, BlueMountain’s chief investment officer: “we are in the business of making comparisons. If we want […]

Cartica Adds To Regina Miracle

Cartica Management, LLC (Cartica) recently added to their stake in HK-listed Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Limited (Regina Miracle). According to a filing submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 23rd, 2017, the firm bought 130,000 shares on the exchange at an average price of HKD 7.7424 on December 22nd (total consideration was ~US$129k). Following […]