David Webb Adds To Lung Kee

David Webb recently added to his stake in HK-listed company Lung Kee (Bermuda) Holdings (Lung Kee). According to a filing submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on April 25th, 2017, he purchased 198,000 shares on the exchange at an average price of HKD 3.472 per share on April 20th (total consideration was ~US$88,300). Following the purchase, Webb’s stake in Lung Kee increased from 4.97% to 5.00% of the company’s shares outstanding.

Lung Kee was founded in Hong Kong in 1975. It is principally engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of mould bases and related products. The company has operations in China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. You can access the company’s latest annual report here.

David Webb is a private investor who has lived in Hong Kong since 1991. He is a former investment banker and currently runs the Webb-site, which provides reports and independent opinions with a primary focus on Hong Kong affairs. He also recently increased his stake in Win Hanverky.