Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker recently published her annual global internet trends report. You can find a link to the presentation here but it is also embedded at the bottom of this post for ease of reference. Well worth a read as it contains lots of interesting data and insights.

For folks interested in regional trends, the deck includes sections on China (see slides 193-231) and India (see slides 232-287). The China internet slides are provided by Zhang Lei’s Hillhouse Capital.

Some highlights / interesting data points below:


  • Largest market of mobile internet users (~700m) in the world (slide 200).
  • Chinese consumers now spend 55% of their total media time on the internet (slide 203). 
    • Mobile internet consumption surpassed television in 2016.
  • China is the largest on-demand transportation (cars + bikes) market in the world, with 67% of global market share as measured by trip volume (slide 212).
  • 2016 mobile payment volume was US$5bn, up >2x year-on-year (slide 219).
    • As of Q1 2017, Alibaba and Tencent have ~94% of the mobile payment market.
  • ~71% of e-commerce spending is now happening on mobile devices (slide 225).


  • 355m internet users; second largest market behind China (slide 234).
    • Penetration rate is still only 27%, however, so lots of room for growth.
    • ~80% of internet usage is mobile (slide 257).
  • Average wireless data prices per GB have come down a lot (~48% in the last year) as market incumbents respond to Jio’s low pricing (slide 244).
  • Aadhaar IDs + eKYC are improving foundational access to broad services (e.g. mobile phone, banking, pensions & social services).
    • ~82% of the population now have Aadhaar Digital IDs vs. zero six years ago (slide 259).
  • Overall, consumers in India are benefiting from both increasing competition across the landscape (hardware, data providers, e-commerce etc.) and digital-focused government policies.

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