Readings For The Week (13/8)

This week’s readings include an interview with Garena’s group president Nick Nash, Bloomberg on Ray Dalio’s succession plans, reflections from Kishore Mahbubani on ASEAN’s 50th anniversary, the second quarter investor letter from Petra Capital Management and Richard Harris on why low-turnover investing is a strategy that reaps rewards over the long term.

  • Reimagining e-commerce for Southeast Asia: Garena’s Nick Nash on his company’s approach to digitizing payments and how e-commerce is increasingly synonymous with social networking.
  • Dalio’s quest to outlive himself: Bridgewater’s founder has a plan to guide his faithful followers forevermore even as performance at the world’s largest hedge fund falters.
  • ASEAN at 50: Kishore Mahbubani writes that although the association is far from perfect, its long-term progress is undeniable.
  • 2Q letter: Petra Capital Management’s second quarter update to investors.
  • Doing next to nothing: Richard Harris on why low-turnover investing is the key to success.