Updated Tracker & Portfolio Changes (Short)

I have updated the portfolio tracker, which you can view here. The share price and index data are as of market close on June 7th. Please do make note of the disclaimers outlined on the tracker page.

The largest contributors to performance have been TK Group and Netease, which are now up 60.8% and 44.7% respectively (including dividends) since they were first written up / initiated on this website. They remain core holdings but I have trimmed both positions slightly in order to ensure the overall structure and valuation of the portfolio is correct. I would ideally like to redeploy the proceeds into more attractively valued names, but am finding very few compelling opportunities at the moment.

Potential candidates, however, include Netdragon Websoft, which I have mentioned previously, PureCircle, a LSE-listed stevia producer, and a recently-listed Japanese technology company, which I might write up at some point. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any thoughts on the aforementioned (first two) companies or have any other interesting ideas.

For my previous and more detailed portfolio update, see this post.