Wykeham, Webb Add To Ming Fai

Wykeham Capital Limited (Wykeham) increased their stake in HK-listed Ming Fai Group (Ming Fai). According to a filing made to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 18th, 2017, the firm bought 2,662,000 shares on the exchange at an average price of HKD 1.179 per share on May 17th (total consideration was ~US$565,000). Following the purchase, Wykeham’s stake in the company increased from 5.78% to 6.15% of the shares outstanding.

Ming Fai manufactures and supplies amenity products to the hotel, hospitality as well as travel industries. You can find my latest update on the company here. David Webb also added to his stake in the company recently and now owns 12.02% of the shares outstanding. 

Wykeham manages a value-oriented, long-biased investment fund. The firm was established in 2010 by Howel Thomas, who was previously with CLSA.